Donations & Sponsorships

Please email the league for information or questions about donations.

  • Utilize the sponsorship form provided here! It has the 501c3 number on the form.
  • For any donations over $500 an itemized statement or receipts will need to be provided for tax purposes of what the money is being used for before a check can be issued.
  • Please let the league know when a donation is being mailed directly to the league so we can watch for it.
  • Once a donation is received a check will be written as directed from the named person in the donation or head coach. It is the coach’s responsibility to keep track of expenses, not the leagues.
  • Please go through your VPs for checks/earmarks. Before the league will begin the process of writing checks for earmarks the league fee must be paid first!
  • If your team is needing ideas or ways to earn sponsorship, please visit the San Juan County Volunteer Incentive Program for ways the kids can earn money while volunteering in the community!
  • Sign sponsors (Signs located at Ricketts Baseball Field) please contact for information, billing or availability.